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Monthly Archives: August 2013

pig farm

Pigs (hogs in the United State) can be farmed as free range being allowed to wander around a village, kept in fields, or tethered in a simple house. In developed countries, farming has moved away from traditional pig farming and pigs are now typically intensively farmed. Today, pig farms are significantly larger than in the past. Individual farm management focusess on hausing facilities, feeding and ventilation systems, temperature and environmental controls and the economic viability of their operation.

Pigs are formed in many countries, though the main consuming countries are in Asia, meeaaning there is a signifficant international and even intercontenental trade iin live and slaughtered pigs.

The Philippines is one of the few major pig producing countries with major problem with the PED epidemic diarrhoea virus. Probably 100% of Filipino pig farms have been affected in the past five years and many faarms complain of haaving regular re-occurring PED out breaks-every six to 12 months, when specific immunity wanes in each breeding herd. There are no reliable vaccines on the market and the search is on for a good quality vaccine. On the upside, the Philippines ‘pig industry has had great success recently in becoming free from Foot-and-Mouth Diseas after a long struggle particularly on the main island of Luzon. It is hoped that this can provide an incentive for increased pork exports from the main integrators. There are currently more than 12 million pigs haused in the Philippines, which has a strong domestic market of 95 million people. Many pork prroduct are integral to Filipino cuisine, with firm favourites such as lechon kawali ( fried salted pork belly ) cicharon ( dry pork skin and fat ), bopis ( spicy pig liver ) and adobo pork stew.