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Pig Farming

Outdoor Bred pork production means that sows are kept outdoors for their entire life as per Free Range standards.

Piglets are born amd raised under Free Range standards until weaning when they move to deep litter housing for growing and/or finishing.

Deep litter housing systems are normally comprised of large open-sided sheds, hoop-like structures, with deep litter flooring (rice hulls, straw, sawdust or similar), sometimes referred to generically as ‘deep litter housing’ that accommodate compatible groups of pigs.

Healthy pig = Better product

The livelihood of Philippine pig farmers is totally dependent on producing a high quality product. A high quality pork product requires a healthy pig and excellence in animal care. Pig farmers understand better than anyone the crucial importance of a high standard of care for each and every animal on their farm.
Strong regulations

Philippine animal welfare regulations are specifically designed to care for and protect the welfare of our pigs. Lorica Farming Company follows a world model code or practice.

Pigs are extremely sensitive to environmental extremes, including sunlight, wind chill, and persistent hot or cold temperatures.

The average sow weighs over 250 kg – equivalent to 3 standard fridges. During the short and chaotic period new piglets are suckling, they are extremely vulnerable to being crushed to death by their mother. The temporary use of farrowing crates plays a crucial role in protecting piglets from being crushed.


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